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The Issue:

Globalization means multicultural workforces are the norm rather than the exception. A range of worldwide locations compounds the issue. People from diverse cultures may all work to achieve positive business results, but they do so in fundamentally different ways. The more cross-cultural interaction is required, the greater potential for misunderstanding and the greater number of lost opportunities.

The Challenge:

Ensure that operations in every location are effective, regardless of their geographic and cultural situations.

The Solution:

Work through fundamental business issues such as how decisions are made, how the hierarchy and signature authority really function, and how work is processed, while acknowledging and respecting the different cultural approaches to these issues.

NewView’s experience in countries outside the U.S. shows that effective cross-cultural business management goes far beyond traditional cross-cultural training. It calls for conscious, often facilitated, local dialogue on what practices are acceptable and effective for that particular location.


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