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Process Facilitation:

Sometimes our clients know what they want to achieve ("We know we need a strategy") but they are not sure how to get there ("Do I involve everyone?" and "How do we start figuring out what the strategy should be?"). In those situations, NewView can provide Process Facilitation.

In the early stages of Process Facilitation, NewView helps the client define what they are trying to achieve and why. NewView then provides a structure or process for achieving the goal. This can be as simple as an agenda and techniques for a strategy meeting or as complex as a series of teambuilding sessions. 

With NewView assuming responsibility for developing and facilitating the process, our clients are free to focus on the content (i.e. elements of the strategy, or working through team issues).  

Process Facilitation, however, doesn't stop there. It goes beyond helping our clients resolve a particular issue or problem. It is a consulting method that focuses on helping our clients assess HOW they solved the problem, thus building our clients' ability to understand and manage the process of change in the future.

Process Facilitation is consistent with our Guiding Principles. In particular, it helps us to partner with our clients, fit the solution to the issues, and, most notably: 

Build capability, not dependence.

Some examples of situations in which we use Process Facilitation are:

  • Facilitating planning and strategy sessions
  • Facilitating organizational and team goal-setting sessions
  • Meeting Facilitation (for a variety of meetings)
  • Team startups
  • Executive Team development
Organizational Interventions Individual Initiatives
Process Facilitation Training

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