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The Issue:

Many startups fail to deliver on expectations. 
Deadlines may not be met, sales may not be as expected, and returns may be less than desirable. 
In foreign startups (those outside the home country), even small problems can have major consequences.

The Challenge:

Create startup organizations that exceed expectations.

The Solution:

Organizations are systems—interrelated webs of technical and social parts. Startups are exponentially more effective when all of those parts are concurrently designed and integrated from the very beginning of the project’s planning stages.

NewView brings a systems view to startups. We provide techniques and support for all phases of startup projects in a way that builds the management team's capacity for future success. 

Our startup interventions include such activities as coaching the management team on startup techniques, developing strategy, guiding the organization design process, and ensuring the successful implementation of all critical elements. Our experience in multi-cultural situations ensures that these interventions are culturally appropriate and ultimately successful.


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